Downloadarea Gorilla3D Framework for Delphi/C++ Builder 10.1+

The Gorilla3D Framework is an extension for Firemonkey component library in Delphi and C++ Builder by Embarcadero. It extends the basic 3D functionality and offers additional useful components to create 3D games and applications.

If you don't already have installed Delphi or C++ Builder you can start by downloading the Delphi community editon at:

The component library uses the OpenGL 4.3+ or OpenGLES v3.0 + technology and currently supports Windows 32/64 and Android 32/64 platforms.

A wide range of classes and components helps you build your game or multimedia app much faster and easier.

We provide a free to download developer edition, which you can use it to develop an application. It contains visual and hardcoded watermarks and can only be used for development purposes. It is not allowed to publish anything built with Gorilla3D. When you're ready to release, you need to buy a commercial license.

Developer Edition

Perfectly suited for small indie developers at the beginning of their project. Start to develop your game or app. When you're ready to publish/release, you need to buy a commercial license!

  • visual and hardcoded watermarks
  • max. 5 developers in your team
  • allowed only for development purposes
  • not allowed to release or publish anything
  • no limitation to the number of projects

Commercial / Release Edition

A commercial license comes in place, when your project is ready to release or if your team exceeds the number of 5 developers.

  • no visual or hardcoded watermarks
  • allowed to publish applications compiled with Gorilla3D
  • restricted to install on one machine
  • for teams with more than 5 developers: each developer / machine needs a single license
  • no limitation to the number of projects
  • buy once - keep it forever
  • not allowed to sell our framework


We provide a package for each released IDE version. Select your prefered IDE and download the latest package version.


For installation notes please check out the documentation at:


Read more about the usage and selected functionality & components in our official documentation:


All demos were build with the latest package for the latest IDE version. So you may make changes to demo source code depending on your prefered IDE.

  • AnimationController - switch character animations by input or variable control
  • AtlasMaterialDemo - showing usage of atlasmaterial with shared resource
  • Audio - a simple demo showing usage of audio files with FMOD plugin
  • Billboard - multiplying grass planes and rendering those with animation
  • FirstPerson - showing first person camera controlling (ego perspective)
  • Fog - configuring settings to see how fog will be rendered in viewport
  • GUI2D - displaying 2D FMX components on Gorilla3D viewport, f.e. for GUID displays
  • InputController - a input controller feedback window, just recording inputs and showing them in a memo
  • Layer3D - a Layer3D with an image is rendered, showing 2D FMX components in 3D space
  • Materials - all currently available materials can be applied to different primitives to see their rendering
  • ModelView - a simple model loader for all currently available 3D file formats
  • Particles - a simple smoke particle effect rendered
  • Physics - a physics scene with box, plane and sphere showing collision detection, the sphere can be moved by cursor keys
  • PhysicsCharacterController - showing third person animated character controlled by input and automatic animation switching
  • PhysicsParticles - showing particles colliding with other bodies / terrain by Q3 physics engine
  • PostEffects - showing FMX post effects working on Gorilla3D viewport
  • Script - a simple script editor to test GorillaScript
  • SketchfabClient - a client tool to request models from Sketchfab. Credentials needed
  • SplatMap - this demo is showing splat map texturing on a plane
  • Terrain - the demo is loading a terrain from heightmap, smoothing algorithm is configurable and terrain materials can be tested
  • TextLayers - a demo showing 3D arranged textlayers to show transparency rendering with WBOIT
  • ThirdPerson - showing third person controlling by mouse and keyboard
  • Transparency - a demo showing 4 crates and 8 transparent boxes around
  • TriggerPoints - demonstrating the usage of dynamic trigger points attached to a moving object
  • VolumeRendering - a demo showing how to use the volume rendering component and slicing through 3D data
  • Water - a simple water rendering demo showing the water surface setup
  • Weapon - a simple weapon inventory demo, showing collecting weapons, toggeling those and upgrading weapons.


  • AssetsManager - the assetsmanager allowing to manage packages with assets, that can be used in your application
  • DialogueDesigner - load/save/manage dialogues between characters
  • InventoryDesigner - load/save/manage your inventory system with items, groups and manufacturers, sandbox mode for testing included
  • ShaderDesigner - a simple shader designer based on the TGorillaRuntimeMaterialSource component, that can be loaded in Gorilla3D


Take a look at our pricing policy to find out if Gorilla3D is perfect for you!


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